Open Letter to Realtors

The Clients, customers,  investors or whatever you want to call them are sitting on a pile of money!

Yet most agents are clueless!  Just because they passed the state real
estate exam very few of them know very much about how to really move property
in any kind of market.
So Robert W. Steele, one of the most successful and creative
real estate deal closer in the world and
Arlene Wright-Correll, GRI, CRS, CRB, CREA, ACE retired (personally closed 172 deals in 1 year and 192 in the next) have put their heads together to try and remedy this age old problem by creating The Steele 300 Advertising Agency.


The Steele 300 advertising agency in Kentucky
is operated by Arlene, a retired real estate broker / exchangor that studied
the Steele 300 real estate system several years ago.  Most brokers are lazy
and spend little time getting new clients, they depend on their agents.


Arlene says, “As the owner of 5 successful Realty World
offices with 35 salespeople who were never working at 25% of their capacity, I
know the best thing for me after 14 years was to sell the whole kit and
caboodle in 1978 and go out on my own and as the old saying goes when one door
closes another opens and it opened right into Steele’s world of Creative Real
Estate Strategies. However, most brokers are not brave enough, smart enough or
strong enough to even consider this.”


Both Steele and Correll know that marketing real estate in
any kind of market is a hard gig and most brokers get by because of the number
of agents they have even if only 2 or 3 close a deal a month.


Most agency’s spend thousands of dollars on local ads, free
booklets in gas stations and motel lobbies believing that what worked in the
70’s and 80’s is going to work now.
Wrong!  We went global; we went
technical with apps, texting, speed and dozens of other things.


Correll has been successfully marketing anything from $1.98
to $1,000,000.00 real estate property on the internet since 1992 and continues
to this day.  The Steele 300 Advertising
Agency is designed to put out 300 ads (100 per month for 3 months) some riding
on the world wide internet for as long as 9 months for only $1,000.00 or it is smarter to do a year advertising budget with us for


This type of marketing needs the brains of someone who is
diligent enough to combine International, local and internet marketing to bring
the information of what  every agency has
quickly into the mind and hands of the buyer with the bucks regardless of where
he or she is.


This type of marketing makes the brokers life easier for a
very nominal advertising fee that produces on-going while they sleep.
Steele and Correll have a combined 100 years of successful
international real estate marketing genius between the both of them.
Are you savvy enough to let The Steele 300 Advertising
Agency work for you?  In the event you are then click here now.


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