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Welcome to the Institute for Inner Peace LLC©


Founder Arlene Wright-Correll


Welcome to the Institute for Inner Peace LLC


I founded this movement in Florida 1989 and no one showed up except a city official who wanted me to pay a fee for putting a sign in my yard which was incidentally so far off the beaten track that I doubt anyone could have found me any way.


So it has been sitting on the back burner or basically in the attic of my mind until 1/17/14 when I decided I had enough and I was not going to take it any more.


After 79 years on this planet I am going to stick my head above the crowd and say what I have to say.


I recently watched a movie titled, “Joyeux Noel” and it was about the Christmas truce and according to Wikipedia, “The Christmas truce (German: Weihnachtsfrieden; French: Trêve de Noël) was a series of widespread, unofficial ceasefires that took place along the Western Front around Christmas 1914, during World War I. Through the week leading up to Christmas, parties of German and British soldiers began to exchange seasonal greetings and songs between their trenches; on occasion, the tension was reduced to the point that individuals would walk across to talk to their opposite numbers bearing gifts.


On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, many soldiers from both sides, as well as, to a lesser degree, from French units, independently ventured into “no man’s land”, where they mingled, exchanging food and souvenirs. As well as joint burial ceremonies, several meetings ended in carol-singing. Troops from both sides were also friendly enough to play games of football with one another.


The truce is often seen as a symbolic moment of peace and humanity amidst one of the most violent events of human history. It was not ubiquitous; in some regions of the front, fighting continued throughout the day, while in others, little more than an arrangement to recover bodies was made. The following year, a few units again arranged ceasefires with their opponents over Christmas, but the truces were not nearly as widespread as in 1914; this was, in part, due to strongly worded orders from the high commands of both sides prohibiting such fraternization. In 1916, after the unprecedented bloody battles of the Somme and Verdun, and the beginning of widespread poison gas use, soldiers on both sides increasingly viewed the other side as less than human, and no more Christmas truces were sought.


A cross, left in Saint-Yves (Saint-Yvon – Ploegsteert; Comines-Warneton in Belgium) in 1999, to commemorate the site of the Christmas Truce. The text reads:
“1914 – The Khaki Chum’s Christmas Truce – 1999 – 85 Years – Lest We Forget”


In the early months of immobile trench warfare, the truces were not unique to the Christmas period, and reflected a growing mood of “live and let live”, where infantry units in close proximity to each other would stop overtly aggressive behavior, and often engage in small-scale fraternization, engaging in conversation or bartering for cigarettes. In some sectors, there would be occasional ceasefires to allow soldiers to go between the lines and recover wounded or dead comrades, while in others, there would be a tacit agreement not to shoot while men rested, exercised, or worked in full view of the enemy.


The Christmas truces were particularly significant due to the number of men involved and the level of their participation – even in very peaceful sectors, dozens of men openly congregating in daylight was remarkable. The truces of 1914, either those in December 25 or before the Christmas period that year, though remembered today with much sympathy, were in no way exceptions when considering similar events in the many warfare theatres that history has recorded: during many previous armed conflicts such spontaneous truces arrived probably as frequent and “magically” as it was the case during the first year of hostilities in World War I.


This little well-cone movie jarred the attic of my mind and brought to surface the Institute for Inner Peace.  I may well be its only member, but I think it is an idea whose time has come.


How much more can the citizens of this great nation take from the greed of the few corporations who contribute to the mystic of two political parties in this country which results in whoever is “elected” to carry out their directives.


Along the way the middle class American has become wiped out and as I once said to my late husband, Carl Correll, in August 1965, “We are going back to the nobles and the serfs and I am going to make one rotten serf!”


We have allowed ourselves to become willing slaves, though we don’t pick cotton or tote that bale we are indeed slaves who must go to work each day to pay off our credit card debts, our student loans, our house payments, car payments and more.


This country has become a nation that declares war in whatever guise it wants to use in order to make profits and it is as simple as that!  Think about it.


Watch for more to come.. And in the meantime… may your day be filled with …


Peace, Light and Love,


Arlene Wright-Correll


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