Dried and Ground Herbs

At Home Farm Herbery we grow chemical-free, organic, heirloom herbs and ship just about any size package to your kitchen. So buy today and get free shipping on any order in the USA.




Anise Seed Whole



Anise Seeds -Ground


Basil Dried


Bay Leaves Ground (Organic)


Black Garlic Powder Organic


Caraway Seeds


Cayenne Pepper


Celery Seeds


Celery Seed Powder


Chervil – Dried


Chili Powder


Chives Dried


Cilantro – Dried


Coriander – Crushed Powder


Coriander Seed


Corned Beef Spices


Curry Powder (Madras)


Cumin Seeds


Dill Seeds


Dill Weed


Fennel Seeds Organic


Fennel Powder Organic


Fenugreek Seeds (organic/culinary)


Hawthorn Berries, Dried


Hibiscus Powder


Hyssop Dried Leaves Organic



Hyssop Powder Organic


Hemp Hearts Culinary


Lavender Flower buds (culinary)


Lemon Balm Organic Dried, cut and sifted


Lemon Balm Organic Powder


Lemon Verbena Leaves, Dried, cut and sifted


Marjoram Dried


Mustard Seed


Oregano – Dried Leaf (Italian)


Oregano Greek


Parsley Dried


Peppermint (leaf)  dried


Peppermint (Leaf) Powder


Red Pepper Flakes (crushed)


Rosemary – Dried


Rosemary Ground


Sage – Dried Culinary


Sage Ground


Sesame Seeds


Spearmint Leaf


Stevia Dried Leaf


Stevia Powder


Summer Savory – Dried Herb


Tarragon (French)


Thyme – Dried


Winter Savory – Dried Herb


Za’atar Seasoning



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