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inner peace logoAre you in the early stages of this path or well along the way?  We have been there for over 40 years and we know when you want to find the path to stress free inner peace where fresh inspiration awaits you every day when you knock off work. You know that first and foremost, your personal evolution precedes professional development, yet the two are tightly interconnected; the more you become as a person, the more you can offer to others.


Over the years and early on, I learned it is actually possible to do nothing more than exactly what I love and make a successful living and a successful way of life.   Are you finally realizing that after finishing university or college and having student loans that you have learned nothing?  Yet you know there is something out there that will make you glad to get up each morning and happily go to a job that puts beans on the table and you do not know how the heck to do that!  Well, we can show you how to take the exact steps to make it happen!


We know how to make that happen.  You can come to one of our retreats or take one of our courses.  You can learn the top secret techniques, presentations, activities and experiences that are rarely known and taught.


I, a long ago, learned the feeling of liberation from pain and self imposed limits in my inner and outer life.


I also learned how to have harmony between my subconscious mind and my conscious self-talk.


I also learned how easy it was to turn self-sabotaging beliefs that silently and secretly dictated my life into one of my greatest assets of personal development.


I also learned how healthy and whole I could feel if I integrated my shadow self with my heart.


I also learned what new and enormous opportunities presented themselves when I gained a whole new way of looking at things.


You can easily learn these things, and more, also, providing you are ready to do so.  So welcome to the world of Inner Peace where anything is possible once you log into the Universal Energy!

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